Monday, August 26, 2013

Jason Aldean//Thomas Rhett//Jake Owen

okay, can I just start by saying the JAldean concert, tailgate and ride home was one of the funniest//funnest experiences of my life. I have the best friends ever and so many great people in my life.

with that said, we had a pretty decent sized group for the JAldean pre-party tailgate. Erin, Janel, and Tyler came with me and then we met up with my bros and the other guys.

Tyler and I have this cornhole thing, he beat me at the last concert so I owed him beer. this concert we played again, it was a long, nerve-wracking game, but I came out on top! now we're tied 1-1 and he owes me an Indians game.

the stories I could tell are priceless...

like when I was waiting outside the guys bathroom for Randy and two of his buddies, this guy comes up in front of me and flexes. he then proceeds to ask me to flex my 'traps' for him. I was like "umm, I don't have traps" he then said "what do you mean you don't have traps, how would you not" and I said "cause I don't really work out" he then made me pinky promise that I don't really work out often cause he thought I was lying. then he bowed down to me and whispered "you're going to make some guy very happy one day." I can't even make this stuff up, it was hilarious and weird. but he was cute so it was okay.

or when some random girl asked Randy's friend Brian if he could "bring me to Cassie" so Brian was like "yea I can do that" but she meant some other Cassie and not me. I had no idea who she was.

or when Jason Aldean sang She's Country I got serenaded by Randy, and his buddies Brian and Ryan.

and after the concert Tyler was so hammered he asked me 10+ times if we were going to McDonalds and if he could have a McChicken and a milkshake. it was quite amusing.

the concert itself was great too. everyone performed well.

Thomas Rhett :)
Jake Owen


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  1. HAHA omg the traps story. Hilarious.

  2. Haha, I love your stories. But I have to admit it again, I have never heard of these musicians!

  3. This sounds like so much fun!! What a perfect way to spend a summer night!


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