Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kings Island Takeover Ends

after recapping my vacation, (one, two, three, four, KI) I'm down to the last two days. which I'm just going to group together since I didn't take many pictures. see, the last two days in Kings Island were spent at the park and the water park so I didn't have my camera, nor my phone, with me for fear of losing//breaking them.

but, our day at the park was awesome. I went on twenty-one rides in one single day. 21. including five times on The Beast (my favorite ride). and we stopped for dinner and what not for about two hours. my cousin and I were the only ones to hit 21 rides, everyone else had 20 or fewer.

group picture

our day in the water park was like any other day in a water park. a few water slides, and some sunshine. with a few cold beverages.

the last night was spent playing a lot of beer pong.

my aunt
Brian and my uncle buried a bottle of vod there.

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  1. 21 rides in a day! Holy crap. That sounds awesome.

  2. Wow, 21 rides in a day! Not bad! I really want to go to King's Island too. I have only been to Cedar Point yet!

  3. this sounds like my kind of weekend!!!


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