Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Great Geauga County Fair

this past weekend was my county's fair. it's the oldest fair in Ohio, so that's kinda cool. I guess.


I spent most of my time with a little furball named, Adidas. she's twelve years old, and still quite active.

but I did venture to the fair for some food and country music Friday night with Erin, Janel, and Tyler. it was a good time. I got a funnel cake with peanut butter and chocolate drizzled over top. it was so phenom. and then I got some kettle corn which I shared with everyone. that was good too. I love me some fair food. after walking around and stuffing our faces, we watched Chris Higbee perform. he's a country guy trying to make it in the business. he was really good though. I already purchased a few of his songs. thanks iTunes.

after the fair, we stopped at a local bar called Cabanas for a few dranks. Tyler and I played a few more games of corn hole, which I lost. the boards were kinda damp and what not so I don't think the games should count. but I still owe him two beers, unfortunately.

Sunday I watched way too many movies. like, no one should ever watch that many movies in one day ever. so to get me outta the house I went over to Erins for a bit, we made popcorn and talked, and maybe watched a movie. maybe. okay, we did. but I can't resist The Proposal.

Erin making stove top popcorn

so nothing too eventful going on over here. how's y'all lives going??

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  1. The dog is so adorable! I love her name!
    What movies have you watched? I haven't seen the Proposal yet, maybe I should!


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