Thursday, September 5, 2013


I'm super excited that Judd is back in. pumped that Elissa was HoH and now GM is. and glad Aaryn is finally out. and Zing Bot came back, I look forward to the zings every season.

Amanda:: you're going home. you're a bully, a bitch, and a complete ignorant fuck. America hates you, and I cannot wait for you to find that out. I cannot wait to hear all the boos they yell at you when you walk through that door. you disgust me.

Andy:: you're a floater. that's all I really have for you.

Elissa:: I love that you don't stoop to Amanda's level. keep your head up, you're a good player.

GM:: congrats on the HoH. and thank you for having the balls to put up Amanda and Crea. thank you thank you thank you.

Judd:: welcome back, buddy!! I hope you go all the way.

Crea:: congrats on the veto. stop crying. say byebye to Amanda.

Spencer:: you're still hanging on. keep doing what you're doing.

HoH:: GM
nominated:: Amanda and Crea
eviction:: I think Amanda will be sent packing;

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  1. I need to email this link to my girlfriend - she LOVES Big Brother! Great blog you have.


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