Thursday, October 17, 2013

Angelica Pickles (Halloween 2011)

Randy and Melissa have an annual Halloween bash with costume contests and all (best gets a giftcard of some sort, worst has to do a pumpkin chug- drink a beer out of a pumpkin).

the first year I was none other than, Miss Angelica Pickles from the Rugrats. hello 90s child. I even had a few votes for best costume.

purple shoes, orange socks, blue tights with hand-painted green polka-dots, orange long sleeved shirt with purple dress, hair in pigtails with purple bows, and of course, Cynthia (shoutout to my little cousin for letting me borrow a Barbie).

and just so you can compare it...


gram was: the world wide web
Melissa was: Randy's Dear (deer)

Brian:: Mayhem from AllState ;; Randy:: a bowling Lane (notice the pun with the last name)
mom and dad were cornhole boards
and then I put on Randy's stache.

and that was the Halloween I was Angelica Pickles.

cannot wait for this year's bash!!

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  1. Great costume. Your Gram's totally rocks though.

  2. Oh that is even better than I was anticipating! LOVE IT

  3. Haha, you look fantastic and you Gram is totally awesome!

  4. I loved this costume!!! Can't wait to see this year's!


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