Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fantasy Football, Week 7.

this week in Fantasy Football...

both my qb's did fantastic this week.. Luck got me 30.02 points, I could have used that last week when he only got 8. Gordon didn't do well, mainly because Browns qb Weeden sucks ass. everyone else did pretty good, Bush, Jennings, and Fauria didn't do as well as I hoped but that's alright.

RG3:: 27.32
Josh Gordon:: 2.10
Reuben Randle:: 8
Greg Jennings:: 4.10
Reggie Bush:: 9.40
Marshawn Lynch:: 15.40
Joe Fauria:: 1.50
Phil Dawson:: 8
Pats:: 12

total:: 87.82
opponent total:: 80.62

 week 5:: win, 5-2.

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