Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fantasy Football, Week 5.

this week in Fantasy Football...

Colston gave me nothing, and Johnson got hurt in the 2ndQ never came back in. Bush didn't give me a great performance either. but the real hurt was my opponents players, Dez Bryant crushed it and so did kicker Matt Prater. even her Cincy defense out pointed the Pats. just wasn't a good week for my guys.

Andrew Luck:: 18.06
Josh Gordon:: 14.60
Marques Colston:: 1.50
Stevie Johnson:: 1.90
Reggie Bush:: 6.90
Marshawn Lynch:: 10.70
Owen Daniels:: 6
Phil Dawson:: 10
Patriots:: 12

total:: 81.66
opponents total:: 102.66

week 5:: loss, 4-1.

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