Monday, October 7, 2013

happy happy happy

if ya follow my blog's twitter you've probably seen that "J" or Josh, came over Saturday night and met the parents/Melissa/cousin Mo (he had already met Randy and Brian at the Luke Bryan concert).

I really don't think it could have went any better. everyone liked him, and we all had a good time. I don't have any pictures, but I have some stories...

he came over for the Buckeyes game, drank some brewskis, played some darts with the guys, learned how to play Shut the Box, and ended up staying the night.. to which he asked me "where should I sleep, cause I don't want to wake up with a 9mm pointed at me" (I thought that was hilarious, the quote of the night).

the story of the night tho, is the golfing situation...
as you may know, my family is ridiculously competitive. Josh apparently likes a good competition as well and decided at like 2am to see who could hit a golf ball the farthest. my dad got a little too competitive and I had to calm him down. J was being a tad too cocky, and my dad had been drinking so his hits weren't as good as usual, so he got frustrated. Brian's first hit went a total of 5 yards, and I can't stop laughing about that.

 J said he had a blast and I know my family had a good time. and I'm so glad he made it out to meet them before he leaves (he's going to boot camp in a week).

I'm so happy everyone liked him (even Lois loved him!) and that the night went well.. woot woot!! :)

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  1. Awww too cute! I'm glad he was a hit :)

  2. :)) I am glad everything went so well! Yay for that!

  3. So fun!! Except for that close call with the competitive Lanes ;o)


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