Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fantasy Football, Week 8.

this week in Fantasy Football...

Robert sucked, but it was Andrew Luck's bye week so I had no choice. Randle and Colston did absolutely nothing, super pissed about that. yet again Stop the Haden had to rely on the defense, kicker, and running backs. I honestly have no idea how I came out with a victory with this crapass performance but I'll take it.

RG3:: 5.98
Reuben Randle:: 0
Terrance Williams:: 12.90
Marques Colston:: 1.80
Marshawn Lynch:: 2.70
Reggie Bush:: 16.20
Jordan Reed:: 9
Phil Dawson:: 6
Pats:: 15

total:: 69.58 (projected points:: 101.92 -that's how bad my players sucked)
opponent total:: 68.44

week 8:: win, 6-2.

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