Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rosie the Riveter (Halloween 2013)

the 3rd annual Lane Halloween party was awesome. per usual.

I had made 52 orange jello shots, 30 vanilla pudding shots, and 53 chocolate pudding shots. there was also beer pong, ride the bus, bullshit pyramid, a shot ice luge (or half of it anyways), lots of food, and plenty to draank.

I went as Rosie the Riveter,

but there were also appearances by...

"Halloween Grandma"
Michael Myers - dad
dick in a box - Brian
Richard Simmons - Randy
the energizer bunny - Melis
Mona Lisa - mom

there was also:: thing one, thing two, the cat in the hat ;; the price is right contestants ;; a beerleader ;; Casey Jones ;; Duck Dynasty ;; a zombie ;; Wednesday Adams ;; Miley and the wrecking ball ;; jagerbombs ;; Indiana Jones ;; DUI Bernie Kosar etc...

I thought there were better costumes this year than in the past, people stepped it up a notch. 1st place went to the zombie, his make-up was so well done I didn't even recognize him. 2nd place went to Miley and the wrecking ball. last place went to my uncle as the beerleader.

now I have to start thinking what I'm going to be next year... hmmmm...

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  1. You look fantastic but I have to admit that I had to google Rosie the Riveter first. :) Your grandma always makes me laugh!

  2. They always have fab costumes! You look great as Rosie, nice job!


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