Thursday, November 7, 2013

does that make me a serial killer?

the other day my blog buddy, Steph, called me a serial killer because I don't like gummy bears (it's true. sorry not sorry.) so I decided to do a post about things that make me do this...

gummy bears. worms, rings, any shape. I just don't like the chewy-ness. does that make me a serial killer?

cinnamon/celery/lime/spaghetti sauce/pizza crust/caramel/sausage/pie/most fruit. it's all gross. I don't even like the smell of cinnamon or celery. the fruits consist of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, kiwi, raspberries, cherries, you get the point. as for caramel, I can handle it in a twix or snickers but caramel flavored drinks no thanks. does that make me a serial killer?

surprises. I like knowing whats going on. I have to know everything and have things planned out. does that make me a serial killer?

waiting/unprepared people. I'm very impatient. I hate waiting for people, appointments, food to cook in the microwave, etc. and I hate being behind someone in line who doesn't have their shit together. I'm very quick in checkout lines, I have my money//credit card ready to go. does that make me a serial killer?

beer. I'm just not a fan. I'm a vodka, rum, wine, wine cooler, anything besides beer kinda gal. does that make me a serial killer?

idiots in horror movies. when someone is breathing hard, or crying, or making any sort of noise when the killer is close by, or when someone is just freaking out when they could be sprinting away, is so annoying. I hate it. I understand it's a movie.. but c'mon. does that make me a serial killer?

except I hate it.

folding. I can handle putting clothes in the wash and transferring them to the dryer. but after the dryer there's no hope. I hate folding clothes. it's just so time consuming, and as you can probably see I like to get things done fast. does that make me a serial killer?

tv being excessivly loud. someone mentioned this on their blog before and the second I read it I thought "omg, me too!" I just never noticed it before. I'm constantly turning down the volume but my mom always cranks it up and I get irrationally mad. does that make me a serial killer?

what don't you like?
what makes you a serial killer?

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  1. Yes. Not liking gummy bears makes you a serial killer. Gummy bears are the shit!! I'm actually surprised you don't like beer. It's so tasty! But I do like vodka better.
    Hating unprepared people is totally normal though. Although, making me wait WILL turn me into a serial killer...

  2. I definitely like beer and gummi bears (the vegan ones) but I can't stand it either when the TV is too loud. I also hate onions a lot.

  3. Man you must hate Randy and me. He makes us run late for everything! (I hope he doesn't read this)...IT'S TRUE, RANDY!

  4. I can't stand gummy bears either! At least I'm in good company! :)


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