Monday, November 11, 2013

Fantasy Football, Week 10.

this week in Fantasy Football...

well, I didn't start RG3 cause the last few weeks he's sucked a big one. this week he goes and racks up 27.64 points.. I can't win with him, I play him he sucks, I don't he's awesome. but I'm stoked that we straight up killed it this week. Cooper, JReed and Lynch- amazing. Dawson and Carolina's Def- solid. Bush, Baldwin, and Williams- decent. overall I'm definitely happy.. even with Luck's crap performance.

Andrew Luck:: 16.82
Terrance Williams:: 8.10
Doug Baldwin:: 7.60
Riley Cooper:: 22.20
Marshawn Lynch:: 22.10
Reggie Bush:: 11.30
Jordan Reed:: 12.20
Phil Dawson:: 12
Carolina:: 14

total:: 126.32
opponent total:: 93.88

week 10:: win, 8-2.

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