Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fantasy Football, Week 13.

this week in Fantasy Football...

well, Boykin did nothing. Luck sucked, again. Walker got hurt in the 1stQ, that's the third TE I've had that's gotten injured. but Gordon rocked it out (first player in the history of the NFL to have two back-to-back 200+ yard games!) and Bush finally did good again. now I'm playoff bound!

Andrew Luck:: 11.20
Josh Gordon:: 38.10
Jarrett Boykin:: 0
Riley Cooper:: 4.80
Marshawn Lynch:: 5.70
Reggie Bush:: 22.20
Delanie Walker:: .50
Phil Dawson:: 12
Pats:: 2

total:: 96.50
opponent total:: 76.40

week 13:: win, 11-2.

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  1. You won AGAIN?! I had a decent point total, but my opponent had Eric Decker and scored a ton of points. But I'm in the playoffs, so maybe we'll meet again!


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