Monday, December 9, 2013

Getting Fit (week one)

I'm going to start posting weekly (hopefully) about how my workouts//eating have been. I think (and hope) by doing this it will keep me motivated and on track. we'll see how that works.

week one::

12/3. the day I decided I needed to do something. It's not that I'm gaining weight, it's just that I'm losing muscle. I'm still the same weight, but I'm not as toned. I want to get that tone-ness back. that's my goal, I'm not setting a weight goal because I think those are ridic, after all, muscle does weigh more than fat.
food wise today wasn't that great, which is another reason I decided I need to start eating healthier. I didn't eat much of anything at work. but when I got home I had a corned-beef sandwich, some chips, and then a chocolate chip cookie. with maybe a few handfulls of popcorn. not the healthiest.
as for a work out.. yea, I didn't work out. I did go to work though. so I was on my feet and up and down stairs a few times.

12/4. the official day one started off with a bang. ran//walked 1.5 miles, and did 140 situps followed by a 60 second plank. for lunch I had a healthy wrap, one of those 90 cal wraps with a little bit of ham, some spinach, tomatoes, and lite balsamic vinaigrette, accompanied by an apple. and for dinner just a little corned-beef. but I did have three margs before the Cavs game that night, oops.

12/5. I was starving like Marvin while at work so I made myself two scrambled eggs. when I got home I snacked on some peas, then mom made chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and corn for dinner (not the healthiest, so I tried to limit my portion). workout wise I did 180 situps and 25 pushups.. after a long day at work I didn't have the energy to run the treadmill. but at least I still did a little something.

12/6. I had to work so all I did for a workout was 180 situps, 25 pushups, and 25 squats. I can already feel my abs getting stronger, and I definitely felt sore in my arms today. as for food, all I ate the entire day was a leftover piece of chicken fried steak, and a can of soup. I feel great, I'm not craving sweets as much, and I'm already down about 2 pounds.

the weekend I continued with my workouts, I'm up to 200 situps, 25 pushups, 25 squats, 20 calf raises, and 60 sec plank. eating wise I did decent as well, for a weekend.

so far so good! do you guys have any tips for staying on track?

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  1. Good luck with everything, Cassie! I need to do something too, I don't feel like I am in a good shape right now. I guess I eat too many gummi bears etc.

  2. Good luck! I need to get back on track myself.


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