Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinco de Drinko? Cinco de Mayo.

Hope everyone had a festive Cinco de Mayo, I know I did! I went out to Downtown Willoughby with my older brother, Randy, and his fiance, Melissa, along with two of their friends Mike and Lindsey. Needless to say, it was a great time! AND I actually took some photos, here are a few to share...

Mike and Randy doing the Johnny Malone look

Randy's loafers!

Melissa her new glass! 

Mike and Randy 

The only thing I didn't do was try a new cocktail to work on my 101 goals, but that's okay -I have plenty of time for that. Everything about this night out was fun :)

fav tweets of the night::
  • #sweetloafsbro #gayloafer @wopski43 love my broski
  • I ripped a small branch off the tree and my sister-in-law ATE IT. I love her!
  • "are you @papaforearms?" - @wopski43
  • #YoungGoHards how ya doing
  • ohemgee @papaforearms wants PapaJohns #AreYouHeatingTheOutside #IfYouTweetThisImGoingToBeatYouUp

 life is good.

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