Friday, May 4, 2012

Vodka and Volleyball

Went to Paninis to meet up with my fellow volleyball coach and catch up on life. It was a good time, we were able to clear our heads and just talk about anything/everything. I thought about trying a new cocktail to start working on one of my 101 goals, but decided to just stick with vodka and lemonade. AND get this - our waitress didn't even card me! Yes, I'm of age to consume alcohol, in fact, I'm 22, but I've never not gotten carded at a bar/restaurant. It was a first for me, and I liked it. We split an order of soft pretzels, which were delicious and then I got the turkey panini wrap, which was also delicious. It was a good time. I just wish I would have taken a picture to share with y'all.. I need to work on that, taking pictures. We also planned out volleyball for the summer/fall, when open gyms, tryouts, and practices will be. Which is good, because we needed to figure all that out.

The rest of my night will be watching Ghost Adventures, and maybe a movie -we'll see. And then it's off to work tomorrow morning, 8-3, followed by Cinco De Mayo festivities. Should be a pretty decent day.

Tweet of the day: "#ThatAwkwardMoment when you run over your own banana peel in Mario Cart"

life is good.

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