Friday, May 4, 2012

Five for Fri, 1.

It's FRIDAY!! This will be my last weekend before jaw surgery.. I wanna go out with a bang. So here's to my very first High Five for Friday, I'm linking up with From my Grey Desk.

my five favs

I GOT A NEW FOLLOWER! Thanks to Monica from Life as I Know it. She also helped me complete #50 from my 101 list! :)


My dream. I had a dream last night that my friend Allison and I were playing baseball. My high school volleyball team was there, the Cleveland Indians, and what I believe to be the Lake County Captains. We were in like a high school gymnasium at first and about half way through it transformed into an actual ball field. Oh, and my middle school volleyball team was there too. I don't always have dreams, but when I do they usually don't make any sense.


I'm going to meet up with Isham, my fellow middle school volleyball coach, for a few drinks at Paninis. It's been a while since we've actually talked and with the next season coming up it'll be a good chance to catch up and get things rolling for the summer events.


I got to see, and help, my gram. And I'll see her next week too; when we go to lunch at Cafe 56, and maybe a Menchie's run after. yummm!


 I started this blog! and if it isn't obvious I'm already addicted to it. and you should totally follow me!

well there ya have it, my high five for Friday.
Hope everyone has a grrrreat Friday, and a festive Cinco De Mayo!
life is good.

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