Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lazy Days and Sun Rays

Well, this week was finals week for us Kent Staters, and if I hadn't changed my major I'd probably be graduating. I found out that I got an 86% on my Intro to PTA final!! Pretty stoked about that :)

Today I didn't really do anything, it was a lazy day for me -same goes for yesterday. I've just been figuring out how to make my blog  super coooool.. and I'm still working on that. Otherwise, my mom and I have been coming up with ideas for Randy/Melissa's wedding shower, and we have some pretty nifty ideas if I do say so myself. Oh, and in 7 days I'll be getting jaw surgery.. where I'll be in the hospital for 2-3 days and then on a blended diet for 6 weeks. kill me. But I know God wouldn't give me a challenge that I wouldn't be able to overcome, so BRING IT ON! Its about time I get my braces off, its only been 8 years. Six weeks from the surgery would be... JUNE 21st!

Holy Moly it was soo hot and humid outside today, and yesterday! Just five days ago Chardon had a few snow flakes fall, they were few and far between but still. Thats just typical Chardon for ya, you turn your heat on one day and A/C the next. And although that can get annoying, I wouldn't trade one single day here in Small Town, USA --that's also a country song, singer: Justin Moore. I love my hometown, and nothing can bring us down! I just look forward to the day we go back to the no-name town we once were. God Bless Chardon <3

I actually did something today! well other than think of 101 things to do.. I helped my friend Hannah move out of her house. I met her when she started working at Beans Coffee Shop and became pretty good friends with her. She went to school in Grove City so shes moving back there, and she'll definitely be missed at Beans. BUT I got to cross off another 101, number 81: Do something kind for a friend, check! And to finish the night is 'comedy night done right' Community, The Office, and Parks&Rec. 

tweet of the day: "lady on Doctor Oz has half of her hair in cornrows, and the other half is jchillin #AreYouSeriousClark"

life is good

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