Thursday, May 17, 2012


yesssss, finally! Today has been the best day post-op, and I know it'll just keep getting better and better! I actually feel like myself again. I'm drinking more liquids, and don't need to use ice anymore. Oh and I put my contacts back in, yahooo! 

Doc visit update:: BOTH my plastic surgeon doctor, and my orthodontist are very pleased with the results so far. Everything looks good, and healthy, and recovering well. Oh, and yes, my orthodontist drove out to CLE Clinic to see the results. My surgeon walks in the room and says "I have a surprise guest for you, come on in" and in walks my ortho. it was quite amusing, considering I really strongly dislike my ortho. (long story.) So my mom and I were laughing later about that. It was nice of him to at least care enough to check in though, but still.. not what I would call a surprise. Anyways, after the doc took a look he ordered for some x-rays, so I did those too, now I keep healing and report back in about two weeks. I'm allowed to use a straw now (well in a few days technically, but I started today, it's easier), and I just have two big rubber bands holding my jaw together, I'll get those off and use other bands at my next appt. It'll be a long road to recovery, but I know it'll go smooth, I already feel great and it's only been ONE WEEK! :)

What else do I have going on.... well, I ordered my bridesmaid dress today, so thats a big check mark. Oh, and Mothers Day went good, at least my mom loved her gift -since we're going on a family vacation to Las Vegas this summer me/Randy got her a massage at the Mirage Hotel & Casino. It was also my parents 25th Anniversary yesterday, so for that me/Randy got them tickets to see Michael Stanley when he comes to CLE on May 28. They're excited about that, too! Brian got them a new, bigger TV for our bar in the basement, we really needed that the old one was sooo tiny.

Also, today is my best friend Ashley's birthday, the big 22 today. Only thing that sucks is that because of the surgery I cannot help her celebrate tonight, and shes moving to Hawaii on Tuesday!!! All the way from Ohio, to Hawaii. Thats approx 4,500 miles away. but I'm happy as long as she's happy.

life is good.

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