Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Minus 10

Before I continue from my last post Pre-Op, here's another update..I GOT ANOTHER FOLLOWER!!!! YAHOOO!! Thank you to The Coffeehouse for being my third follower, if you're looking for a sweeeet blog to follow check out hers (or there's always mine too! lol)

Anyways, Jaw Surgery - 6 days in, the swelling is really decreasing.. hooray! And, it got a little easier to drink my clear liquids because of the reduced swelling. Which I'm ecstatic about! OH, and I'm down 10 pounds!! shedding for the wedding! (not mine, my older brothers.) Showering is getting easier and easier everytime too.. but I cannot wait to put my contacts back in - I'll probs put them back in tomorrow, or Friday.

The support from all my friends/family has been wonderful!

I got...

three white roses from the Malone Family

lovely bouquet from my Uncle Rod and Aunt Rhona

A beautiful butterfly basket from Aunt Betty and Uncle John

and, real pretty flowers from Mrs. Fellows

life is good


  1. How long was it before you were able to put your contacts back in? I'm 4 days post op and my glasses are giving me a headache, but I feel like I'm too swollen to put in and remove my contacts.

    1. I waited a full week, so 7 days before I put my contacts back in. I got sick of my glasses too. My suggestion, wait until you're 7 days post op, then see how you're feeling.


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