Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Today is by far my best day yet, and I hope each day I feel significantly better. I had double jaw surgery on Thursday, May 10, just a mere 5 days ago. The pain is tolerable now, I only need a little meds here and there, I JUST WISH THE SWELLING WOULD GO AWAY. Which it is getting waayy better but it makes it so hard to do anything, like drink a few liquids. I'm going back for my one-week apt this Thursday, May 17, and Ive heard good things about that check-up, like you can actually brush your teeth and the tight wiring comes off, and things like that. soo we'll see how it goes.

Anyways it was a 10 HOUR surgery. 10 hours. 10. and I guess I was under for a total of 12 hours. geeeezz la weeezz. but all this pain will be worth it in the end. I just keep telling myself that. Encouragement from my family/friends of course is helping too!! Here's a few things I'd like to share with ya'll...

A Teddy Bear! 

 A little glass teddy bear from Miss Mary Malone. She's the sweetest.

A Card from Gram (make that 2)

Well, first off, this is the second card I received from my Gram. Yes, I got two from her on two separate days. This one was just tooo funny! 
inside it states: tackle it one day at a time
it made me laugh, or at least let out a little air.

..I'll add more things later, just not up for it at the moment.. 

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  1. YAYYYYY you're blogging again! So happy you're doing better!!


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