Monday, September 10, 2012

My Favorite Vacation Destination

Niagara Falls, Canada.

Yes, it really is my favorite vacation destination. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Las Vegas -who doesn't? But, Niagara is dear to my heart.

The background::
The Lane family has gone to Niagara Falls every year for a few days during spring break since, I wanna say about 1998. But it's not just us, it's also the Malone family, The Fellows, Varcelli's, etc etc etc. It started off with just us, the Hawthorne Woods Crew (my old neighborhood), and grew from there. One year we had 50+ people.

Anyways, it's always been great. As a kid we played for hours in the arcade, and swam in the pool. As we all grew up it became walking around the strip with no parental guidance, going to haunted houses, viewing the Falls, and still hitting up the arcade. Being even older now, it's more drinking, gambling at the casinos, viewing the Falls, the most EPIC bumper cars ever, the haunted houses, and a game of laser-tag or two.

This year, 2012, was the first year I couldn't make it on the family trip because of school. agh. However, Melissa gave me my Niagara Falls fixin -thank you! :)

 The Bachelorette Party::
We celebrated Melis' bachelorette party up in Canada. It was a fantastic time with really awesome people. We did an overnight trip, ate, drank, danced, and laughed.
Myself, Malone, Becca, and Sam, stayed in a wonderful cheap hotel called, the Victoria Motor Inn. Sounds spectacular, huh? Actually it wasn't bad at all for a couple college students // recent college grads for one night.

And, their lamp shades were in mint condition (inside joke)
see? mint condition!
Here's how the night started...

and, that about sums up the rest of the night, too. I had a blast.

Melissa, I believe, had a great time too. Oh, and for Melis's gift myself and Malone put together a "hangover cure" basket. It had everything from Advil, to Gatorade, vitamins, caffeine, and sunglasses, to more alcohol. And the basket was a 'puke bucket'. We had everyone sign their name on the bucket, and we wrote Melissa's Bachelorette Party Niagara Falls, Canada August 11. I think it turned out awesome.

life is good

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