Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Update - Opening Day

What a great weekend to end September. Here's to an awesome October!

Did laundry and random things until I had to go to practice at 3. Practice was crazy and fun, as most Friday practices are. We do 'Fun Friday' as long as they practice/play hard all week. Which I think is fair. They're still learning and working on the various skills just in a you-dont-have-punishments kinda way. After practice it was back home to enjoy Moms Pepperoni Bread (it's seriously the best pepperoni bread ever. And thats not just me saying it, but everyone who tries it.) She made 5 loafs of various flavors -all delish! My favorite is the "plain" it's just pepperoni with peperoncinis and cheese. But there was also: Pepperoni, ground meat, pepper rings, and cheese ;; pepperoni, jalapenos, and cheese ;; spicy sausage, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and jalapenos. YUM! After eating way too much goodness, and filling our cups with homemade wine (thanks to a family friend) Mom and I caught up on TV shows.
3 of the loafs, one was a giant Big Daddy loaf.
wine and Ghost Adventures season one!

Opening Day for all those hunters. Brian, Dad, and a few friends all went out and sat in a tree stand for a few hours. Brian shot a doe but never ended up finding it, and Neighbor Kevin shot a 5-point, at first they couldn't find that one either but tracked it down. I think that was Kevin's first deer. For lunch Dads friend made these awesome mushroom sandwiches. Then it was off to work, 3-8. The Buckeyes game started at 3:30, thank God for smartphones so I could stay updated. It was a close game against MichSt, but my boys came out on top. From work I went to a clambake which I only planned on staying at for 2 hours max. I didn't know many people there, but it ended up being really fun. I stayed for a while before coming home to yet another bonfire, and food galore (smoked venison and turkey, deep fried fish, hand cut fries, onion rings, stuffed peppers, etc). Everything was delish!

I did absolutely nothing. I didn't even watch the Browns play since they had a Thursday night game this week, which we lost. 0-4. There's always next year, right? Hey, at least we're not the only team.. the Saints are 0-4 too. I'm surprised by that, but I'll take it. All I did was watch the Packers game, they won with no help from the refs. Last week they got screwed over by the replacement refs, and now the real refs tried to rape them again! I was furious! But karma got the best of them and the Pack came out victorious. Then it was time for the season premiere of The Amazing Race.

life is good



  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Now I'm hungary for some Pizza Bread! Dang that looks awesome!

    1. it was a good way to end September! :)


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