Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Update - Team Bagans

It was NEOEA Day, which means no school for the youngin's, which meant no practice for me either. It was a nice day off. Myself and Erin went to WGAR studios so I could pick up the Cleveland Cavaliers tickets that I won. It was about an hour drive, and after a minor detour because I missed the exit, we finally made it safely. Afterwards we enjoyed lunch at Outback Steakhouse, with a lot of laughs in between. Friday night Mom wanted to go see "Taken 2" but I was feeling really lazy. So she went and saw it while I stayed home and watched "Crazy, Stupid, Love" which I thought was awesome! It was really good in my opinion. And of course it wouldn't be a Friday without a little Ghost Adventures. Mom couldn't believe how insane Zak Bagans is -I swear he makes the whole show, with his intense hair and ridiculously tight clothes. I even made up a drinking game to go along with Ghost Adventures, and thought of some pretty good pranks if I were on the show with them.

I worked at Beans 8-2. It was a pretty busy day, but everything went well. Then it was home to get ready for Lane-Lear Willoughby Ghost Walk. After a little Burgers n Beer though. It was my first time eating at Burgers n Beer and boy was it good! I got the stuffed portabella burger -a burger stuffed with portabella mushrooms and swiss cheese, normally I'm not a fan of swiss cheese but this hamburger was one of the best, accompanied by a Mikes Hard Cranberry, yum! The Willoughby Ghost Walk was awesome, I had so much fun! This is where the 'Team Bagans' comes in (as in Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures). We toured the town of Willoughby, Ohio and learned some of it's history as well as stories about "hauntings". Our tour leader carried a lantern with a candle lit inside the whole tour and at the end asked for a volunteer to blow it out. I volunteered to do it, she said that when you blow out a candle after a ghost story if you re-lite the candle later then you'll have new friends. As soon as I got home I re-lit the candle and my Mom freaked out, it was hilarious. Then she claimed that the TV was acting up because of the spirits I brought home. She's too funny. Oh, and on a sidenote: AMC's Fear Fest began! I lovelovelove a good horror movie.

The Girl in Blue's headstone.
the candle re-lit (dun dun dun).
PS, the Buckeyes won again, 7-0! #UrbanRenewal #BuckeyeNation

Here we go Brownies, here we go! woof woof!! The Browns beat Cincy, yes we actually won a game.. ya can't lose them all (unless you're the '08 Lions). Oh, and I witnessed the Space Jump. That was really neat to watch, but scary too. I can't believe that guy had the guts to do what he did, crazy! Did anyone else see the Space Jump?

Now, for a brand new link-up!

Goals for 10/15 - 10/19
1:: Finish writing out messages on the volleyball girl's gifts.
2:: Win our last game tonight.
3:: Do multiple loads of laundry.
4:: Clean my room- dust it, vacuum, organize, etc.
5:: Work on my Halloween costume.

life is good



  1. I love Crazy Stupid Love! Now I want to watch it again! I had sooo much fun on the ghost walk. I want to go back to Willoughby Coal with less people and stay for longer! So creepy!

    1. I want to watch it again too, and I just saw it lol. We should all go to Willoughby Coal one day!

  2. Great 5 for Five list! I am excited to see how you do on your goals next week - thanks so much for linking up with us!!

    1. thanks! It's a great link-up idea!

  3. Thanks for linking up with us!! You have some great goals- can't wait to hear how it goes!!!

    1. thank you! It's definitely keeping me motivated so far!


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