Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Update - TopperPower

Did a little shopping, and by a little I really mean a little I went to two stores and spent like 15min in each of them maybe. I'm not much of a shopper, get in get out is my motto. But I did pick up a vest, which I'm kinda excited about cause I didn't own a vest before and I think they're kinda cool. I see more vest buying in my future, and I also got a new purse. Friday night I helped cheer on my alma mater, Chardon High School Hilltoppers, and watched them get a solid 34-15 win over Kenston. They're moving on to the Elite8 now! GO TOPPERS! :)

My Bucks have a bye week today, so they will remain 10-0 for now. I worked 9-6, but we had a few mishaps. I work at a local coffee joint called Beans Coffee Shop. we almost ran out of half&half so I made a run to Aldi's and saved the day. then, we completely ran out of 5 dollar bills, and didn't have too many $1s to work with.. it was such a weird day.. so I ran, literally ran, to one of Chardon's many banks. It was funny cause I was wearing jeans and my Beans polo. I could only imagine what people were thinking "why is this girl running around in jeans and a polo" "look at this weirdo" "what the hell?!" anyways, after work my feet were killing and I was pretty tired, so I didn't want to do anything super adventurous. but my Mom wanted to run a few errands, I figured it'd be a good time to grab my Dad a birthday present since his birthday is on Thursday. we ran to a few stores, and grabbed some dinner. then it was home so I could go to bed. lame.

My Brownies can't lose today considering they have a bye week as well. my Dad and Brian came home today, they were gone all week in southern Ohio hunting. didn't end up getting anything though, but one of their buddies did. Always proud of our Troops, past and present, for everything they do. Everyday I'm blessed just for living in this beautiful country. Thank you to all the Veterans who have given me Freedom, and to all the active soldiers who are keeping our Freedom alive. God bless our Troops, Veterans, and their families.


11/5-11/11 Goals
1:: do better on my goals.
2:: eat healthier. 
3:: finish the book I'm currently reading.
4:: catch up on laundry, keep room clean.
5:: drink more water.
 I did really well this week. I only italicized 'eat healthier' because although I did eat healthier I still ate some of that left over Halloween candy. So I'm just giving myself a half for that. I did really good with drinking more water, I'm hoping to continue that in the next week. 4.5/5!

11/12-11/18 Goals
1:: drink more water (carry over).
2:: eat healthier (carry over).
3:: start getting a Black Friday plan together.
4:: organize my movie collection.
5:: put a screen protector on my Mom's iPhone, and other little tasks I've been putting off.

life is good


  1. You did good on your goals! Fingers crossed I can do that well this week. Good luck with all the little tasks, I feel like those are the hardest to actually sit down and accomplish.

    1. yea, I've been putting them off forever now and figured if I made it a goal this week they might actually get done, we'll see..

  2. I have to do that water thing too...

    new follower from 5 for 5

    Jill @ And Life Goes On (

    1. I've been doing surprisingly well with drinking more water, hopefully I can keep it up. Thanks for the follow! :)

  3. I'm thankful for bye-weeks. Everyone needs a little R&R! lol

    1. that's true, but my NCAA and NFL teams both in one weekend was a little much I thought. Happy Monday! :)


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