Wednesday, December 5, 2012

all I want for Christmas....

is you!! justkidding.

I'm asking Santa for...

anything camo-ish.. I mean this is the year of camo after all.

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and, a claddagh ring (not this particular one, but you get the idea)

a new phone.. but I'm unsure of which one I want. looking at the iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S III --thoughts?

and a giant wine glass -it holds a whole bottle! a book light, and new PJ shirts -not exactly Dora the Explorer but you get the idea.

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amongst other items...

what are you asking Santa for??

life is good


  1. These are all so fun (especially the giant wine glass!) I hope you get everything you want!!

    1. thank you! I saw the wine glass on Ellen and thought 'why do I not own that already?!?'


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