Tuesday, January 8, 2013

pain is only a weakness leaving the body

anyone watch the game last night? I really wanted the Fighting Irish to win, since Bama shouldn't have even been in the game my Buckeyes should have been playing but holy cow Bama 'Sanduskyed' Notre Dame.. that was just embarrassing, and pathetic. and what was with Bama's #65? his jersey wasn't covering his belly the whole game.. and he's a lineman.. no one wants to see a lineman's sweaty belly. cover that shizz up dude!

and the Kent State game the other day.. also embarrassing. what the hell was up with their helmets? those were stupid, then the performance Spencer Keith gave on top of that.. disappointing.

and I'm sad to say that because the game was on I did not get to see the Bachelor. but I'm sure I'll get caught up by next Monday.. anyone else watch the Bachelor?

yesterday marked the first day of The Lanes Get Healthy-er. I put the -er there because lets be honest there is nothing "healthy" about my family. besides the fact that we do enjoy playing sports, which keeps us in somewhat of a shape. eating wise is a whole different story.. we love our sweets, and our chicken nuggets, and all of that good stuff. but as I stated every year in January we try to be healthy-er. don't fret, this will only last a few weeks.

however, I'm actually going to try to stick it out. I got a fitbit for Christmas, so with the help of that and this little blog o' mine, maybe I can actually do something. not that I'm super out-of-shape or anything, but 5lbs wouldn't hurt. which is where I'm starting. 5lbs. I think it's stupid when people say their goal is to lose 50+ pounds.. maybe in the long run you will.. but don't push yourself that hard in the beginning otherwise you won't be satisfied with the 10 you already lost. take it step by step. when you reach 10lbs, go for another 10, that way you're reaching the little goals to keep you motivated for that big goal.

so right now I'm looking at 5lbs. which will probably come off if I just got my lazy butt to work out. after that 5, maybe another 5. then I'll be pretty content I think. anything after that is just a bonus. so, here's to getting back in shape.

anyone else trying to get fit?
have any healthy snack ideas?

life is good


  1. Yay! Good for you guys! I always try to keep Randy and I eating healthy. My trick is to not buy the bad stuff so it's not there as an option for you to eat. But that would be hard to do in the Lane household! You can do eeeet!

    1. thanks Melissa! our house is filled with sugary goodies.. but so far I've stuck to it.. and my parents too.

    2. Sounds like your older brother Randy is the healthiest one in your family... Cut out eating ice cream and junk food. Eat healthier meals and eat healthier snacks. Workout. Listen to your favorite brand and JUST DO IT.


    3. ^dudes effed.. maybe I should mark this as spam since it's clearly false information.

  2. I hear you on the active part! I can be as active as the next girl but eating healthy is another story all together! UGH it's so hard......

    1. it really is hard, so far I'm off to a good start though!


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