Tuesday, February 12, 2013

laughing is my favorite

I lovelovelove to laugh.. who doesn't?

Mom and I were cracking up at these last night, so of course I have to share...

I laughed ridiculously hard at this one.

then I found these...

I'm seriously considering buying this.

alright, now let's talk about the elephant in the room. this just might be the craziest year of college hoops I've ever seen. #3 Mich got upset, #5 Kansas got upset, #11 Louisville lost to #25 Notre Dame in 5 overtimes, #1 Indiana got upset but then beat my Buckeyes. it's madness, people, madness.. and it's not even March yet.

annndddd... pitchers/catchers report to Spring Training today, woot woot!! bring on the summmaaa, and GO TRIBE!

in other news, it's Fat Tuesday bitches! I plan on eating a lot today. tomorrow I'm getting back on track with eating healthy. for Lent I'm giving up pop, chips, and ice cream. I do it every year.. so I know I can do it.. the hardest part is probably the pop cause thats my go-to vodka mixer. for 40 days I have to get creative and use Gatorade or juice or something.. that's usually the hardest part.. especially on St. Patrick's Day. this year, for St. Patty's Day only, I might allow myself rum&dietcoke.. just because I've been on a kick of it lately, it's so damn good. but we'll see. maybe, maybe not. who knows.

do you participate in Lent? if so, what are you giving up?
and good luck to you, if you are sacrificing something.

life is good


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  1. Ha!!! I love all of these, especially the rum cake!
    And Ugh as a Kentucky Wildcats fan, I don't even want to discuss basketball!


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