Thursday, April 4, 2013

one year to go

so I'm dog sitting currently.. a precious pup named Sadie.

she's my aunt&uncle&cousins dog. we had fun yesterday chilling out, maxing, relaxing, all cool.. it was pretty chilly outside so we didn't venture out too much, today's supposed to be warmer so we'll probs take a walk around the block or play some fetch.
anyways, staying at my aunt&uncle's means I'm about 5min away from Gram. we planned to get dinner last night, and went to Bob Evans. I've been to Bob's twice since like the 90s, and both times it was absolutely delicious. their house salad is so fresh and crisp, its ridic good. this time I enjoyed a salad and a chicken sandwich with mushrooms and spinach -yummm!! and then enjoyed an ice cold Mikes Hard for dessert.

but now, now is the time when I get to announce that today my little bro turns TWENTY! the big 2-0! one more year and he's legal to chug brewskis. I cannot wait to celebrate his twenty-first in Las Vegas, LV14 babbyyy!!!!

Beer Olympics 2012
Brian and I are typical siblings.. we always have each others backs and get along most the time, but we know exactly what to say to piss each other off too. growing up we fought constantly, now we don't fight as much, but we still have our moments.

Vegas 2012
Brian is crazy fun, hilarious, and a total outdoors man. he loves hunting//fishing//fourwheeling etcetc. if he's outside he's happy.

Vegas 2012
B Lane, keeps things very interesting around the Lane Household. always saying funny things or doing something crazy. he's the best little bro a girl could ask for.

Vegas 2012
hope you're having fun in Niagara, bro! happy birthday, love you! slainte! I realized the only recent pictures we have together are from Vegas... oops.

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