Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm loving...

gahh. today my dad and Brian are trekking up to Niagara Falls, Canada for our yearly trip. unfortunately, myself and mom can't go this year. I love Niagara, it's so wonderful.. and we always go with about 40+ other people, it's a blast! I wish I could've went.. instead I'll be sitting in class daydreaming about Niagara learning, dog//house sitting for my uncle&aunt, and working.

I'm loving that...'s baseball season again, GO TRIBE!!
...the Indians won their first game yesterday.
...I am officially going to the Indians game April 9th and 18th.
...I'm going to get easy cashh moneyy dog//house sitting for my aunt&uncle. concerts are right around the corner. blog turns one next month -maybe do my first ever giveaway.. what do you think?
...I can eat ice cream and chips again -ranch dipped hot wings flavored Doritos are THE BEST EVER!
...I'll have some peace and quiet the next few days.
...tonight I am going to dinner with my Gram.
...we're going to Nashville and Kings Island this summer! 
...this tweet cause seriously this would be EPIC

oh, and today is my Papa's birthday... I've showed ya'll him before, remember this photo...

yepp, today is his birthday. I miss him every single day, and I know he's up in Heaven drinking a beer to celebrate.. and tonight I plan on doing the same thing, except with a Mikes Hard.. love you!


  1. Happy blog birthday! If you're in need of giveaway goodies by all means feel free to let me know! I'd love donate! And I too am excited about concert season :)


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