Tuesday, April 2, 2013


one:: Brian bought the new Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton cds. therefore I now have both cds on my iPod. furthermore, I am currently listening to them both on repeat. it's okay to be jealous.

two:: I came across the cards I received when I got jaw surgery. I read through them again. I'm going to keep them for those days when ya just need a reminder how awesome people are. my family//friends are awesome. life is good!

three:: it's mothereffen freezing in my house today. where the hell is spring at?! or summer for that matter.

four:: I genuinely feel bad for Kevin Ware. no one ever wants to see an athlete get hurt especially that bad. I'm glad his surgery went well, and hope for a speedy recovery. best wishes, and good luck to Lou!

five:: I reached 500 swagbucks last night, so I'll be getting a $5 target e-giftcard which I'm super pumped about.. even if it is only 5 bucks.. it's 5 buckaroos I didn't have before.

six:: I loved Safe Haven the movie. so I was excited to read the book, but I'm just not as into it as I was the movie.

seven:: I've heard good things about Jodi Picoult books, I'm thinking The Pact will be my next book. any good book recommendations?

eight:: I've never really watched The Voice before, but we watched it last night and the judges.. mainly Blake and Adam with a little Usher thrown in.. are incredibly entertaining.

nine:: I'm getting really into the show Psych. I started with season one last week at Al's house, now I'm hooked. it's so funny!

ten:: you're welcome...

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  1. I really need to catch up with Psych too! I started to watch season one a while ago and I really liked it a lot!

  2. I have thought about looking into swagbucks. I may have to! Gah watching Kevin Ware break his leg was hard...

  3. Cute :) I love Swagbucks! Thanks for the reminder to go grab me some!

  4. I like Jodi Piccoult. The Pact is good, and 19 Minutes was great too.


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