Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Update - Maple Festival

shenanigans ;; I... ;; YOLO

Chardon has a Maple Festival every year on the town square. it's always a good time, but brings a lot of traffic to the town, which can be stressful. also, the coffee shop where I work is on said town square.

I worked 2-11. we were SLAMMED. but things ran smoothly, thankfully. my feet were killing me afterwards so it was home to bed I went.

I walked around the Maple Fest with Randy and Melissa for a bit, helped out at Beans a little, and then I was called in to start work a bit earlier than expected. I didn't mind though, I was already there anyways. it was another extremely busy and late night. I was exhausted afterwards but a big thanks to Al, Wilkes, and Henry, whom helped make both days go by nice and smooth. laughing with them made it way less stressful than it could have been.

I love festival lemonade! YUM!

I thought about heading back up to the fest for a gyro or something but it rained all day. bummer. so instead I watched some Arrested Development and Food Network. ending the night with some Celebrity Apprentice.

I haven't linked-up for the awesomeness that is 5forFive lately, I think it's time to bring it back.

1:: clean my room and do laundry.
2:: work out at least twice.
3:: eat healthy and drink water.
4:: get rings to make card books and return jeans.
5:: get my work schedule.

**my blog's birthday is on Wednesday, there is a giveaway in the works.. stay tuned!! :)


  1. I should have known that you would get called in early! Haha! Right after you said "Ive got 50 minutes left before I start!" Randy and I worked a little more than we had expected too. I had a great time though!!

  2. I love Arrested Development. And festival food. Gyros are always on my list.

  3. Arrested Development is awesome! And I love to watch cooking shows!

  4. Ooo happy almost blog birthday! Good luck with your goals this week!

  5. love week updates! this is great!


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