Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Blog! (giveaway)

today my blog turns one!

a year ago my sil confided in me that she had a blog. at first I didn't understand why she was so shy about it, why not tell everyone? then I decided to join blog land myself, since I was about to undergo jaw surgery, and basically have nothing to do all day every day for about two months. it wasn't until I actually had my own blog that I completely understood why she didn't tell many of her friends and family. blogging is an outlet, a place to express yourself and document what's happening in your life, a place where you can vent about the good and the bad. a place to connect with others around the world whom normally you wouldn't have the pleasure of interacting with. all while not having to worry about what your real life friends think, and not having them question the things you post. I love the freedom!

a few weeks ago, just shy of the one year mark, I changed my blog around a bit. I changed it from History in the Making to On the Rocks. I decided that History in the Making was too long, and I couldn't really do anything with it- as in, designing a header, nothing really fit. I couldn't make anything cool. so I switched it up. plus, I like to enjoy a drink on the rocks.. who doesn't?

I want to thank everyone who follows my blog, comments, sponsors, interacts, etcetc. I love the friends I've made though blogging, and I hope to only gain more year after year.

as a way to say "y'all are phenom" I wanted to do a giveaway.

but since it's my first one ever, it's not the best giveaway.. I'm not handing out a million dollars, but I do have $10 to Target, some Bath&Body Works goodies, a cute picture frame and cute note pad plus whatever else I come across in the next few weeks that I feel like adding.

enter the giveaway below.

in other news, at work we have "drinks of the month" and since my blog is now called On The Rocks, I thought it might be a fun idea to have my own drinks of the month.  
I give you the first OnTheRocks drink of the month::

for May, I give you a low-cal since we're all trying to get ready for summer delicious drink.

Skinny-Girl Sangria

it's delicious, low cal, and ready to go. just buy the bottle, or two or three. crack it open. grab yourself a wine glass, or mason jar or solo cup. throw in a few ice cubes. pour in the skinnygirl sangria. and enjoy! super easy. super delish. and low-cal. that's what I call a win-win-win.

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  1. Happy blog birthday!

    I'm sort of the opposite - I only shared my blog with real life people for like a year, then I started interacting with other bloggers.

    I just don't give a F what anyone thinks about me or what I do. LOL

  2. Happy Blog Birthday, Cass!! I cannot believe it has been one year!! I am so happy you started blogging. I feel like it's another way to connect with my favorite sister-in-law :o) And I own that is AMAZING!!!!

  3. Happy happy blog birthday, Cassie! That is exciting news! And I do it the same way, I don't share my blog with my real life friends, David is the only one. And I really like it that way! I have met so many awesome people!

  4. Happy Blog Birthday!! It's my blog's birthday too. I dunno exactly when, but it's around this time. I feel like we've been friends since the start :)
    And I did not know about Skinny Girl Sangria. I must have this immediately.

  5. Whoooo happy birthday! Turning 1 on May 1!

  6. congrats on making one year! wahoo!

  7. Happy blog birthday! I don't have my own blog. I've given it a passing thought. Maybe I will someday.


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