Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Update - Cinco de Drinko

Sami ;; I... ;; YOLO

went to the pre-showing of Iron Man 3, with a big group of friends. it was good, but I expected it to be great.  

worked. then just hung out at home, caught up on the dvr and ended up in bed by 10pm.. I was tired. 

worked. then it was to my Aunt//Uncle's house to watch my cousins for the night. we went to the BK Lounge that's Burger King to Dane Cook, made a quick stop to grab a little dessert afterwards, watched Remember the Titans on tv, played on the iPad, our own made up version of iSpy, and fell asleep watching Iron Man on tv.

Hayley being goofy ;; snickers ice cream bar ;; Ben chilling

hung out with the cousins for a bit. played some Just Dance, a little volleyball, some trampoline//swing-set action, and watched part of Spider-Man 2 on tv. then it was home, for some margaritas. then hung out with Erin and Ashley for a little, before watching the Amazing Race finale and Celebrity Apprentice.

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1:: clean my room and do laundry.
2:: work out at least twice.
3:: eat healthy and drink water.
4:: get rings to make card books and return jeans.
5:: get my work schedule.

 I did rather well I'd say. eat healthy I only italicized cause there was a day or two that I may have had ice cream, or chips. for the most part I did eat healthier than normally, and definitely drank way more water than normal. the rest I completed, go me!

1:: burn cds for Erin.
2:: return Netflix.
3:: start the blogging in May challenge. (where were you on that one dipshit? -Happy Gilmore)
4:: figure out a Mothers Day gift.
5::  work out at least twice, and eat healthy.

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  1. The snickers ice cream bar is one of my favorite things!

  2. I'm also trying to eat healthier and drink more water. Good luck!

  3. Good luck this week! So, Iron Man 3 wasn't great? I still need to go see it though...

  4. Love the goal setting, love making them and crossing things off the list. Good luck with next weeks!
    Found you on the linkup, would love if you had time to stop by mine!

  5. I want to drink more water too! It is just so boring. :)


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