Friday, May 3, 2013

"you know who I am"

guess what?! I saw Iron Man 3 last night! that's where the title of this post comes in. it's okay to be jealous. I'd be. I love the Iron Man movies and Robert Downy Jr. unfortunately this one I didn't think was super great, I mean it was good but the first one is still the best. sorry Mr. Stark.

oh, and I'm super excited cause I've worked out 2 days in a row! I'm feeling great, and sore. #allthewaystrong
and because I worked out, I've also got a serious case of sunburn happening. it's bad. #IrishGirlProbz

okay now for my sports weekly update.

the Tribe is not doing too bad right now. they're 12-13 and 4th in the AL Central. in their last three games my Tribe has beaten the Royals 9-0, and the Phillies 14-2 and 6-0. pretty good, I'd say. Raburn is killing it out there- keep it up!! Reynolds is still doing good. we just need to get Swishy back in.. which he should be returning to the line up within the next few days. keep up the bats boys!

for once we didn't do half bad in the draft. they made good defensive decisions. which we'll need cause I'm not so sure about our offense. especially with Dawson and Cribbs gone. but hey, if you can stop a team from scoring it'll be harder for them to win. hopefully everyone works hard and stays healthy through the summer and they're ready to go come fall.

1:: Iron Man 3.
2:: we've had beautiful weather.. which I took advantage of.
instagram:: @casslane10
3:: I survived working during the Maple Festival. 
4:: I'm babysitting my cousins Saturday night, we always have fun. plus it's easy money.
5:: it's been two years since we sent Bin Laden to hell. that's reason to celebrate in itself, not to mention May fifth. 

Happy Friday!!

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  1. Have a great weekend girl!
    Stop by sometime

  2. Haha, I admit, I was surprised the Browns did well in the draft. I want to see Iron Man 3, I always love those movies and RDJ is hilarious. I have to wait 2 weeks though!

  3. Have a great weekend!

    I love RDJ.


  4. I also want to see Iron Man! But yeah, the first one is so cool I think it can't get better!


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