Tuesday, August 20, 2013


okay so, I'll just jump right into it.
oh, but I am excited for someone to be voted back into the house. I hope it's Judd.

Aaryn:: I really don't know how you're still in the game, but you are. and you've been nicer lately so thats good. and another HoH how are you getting so lucky?

Amanda:: you're so freaking annoying. stop your crying when you lose. you suck, get used to it.

Andy:: you're a little snake. but I don't see you going anywhere anytime soon, you could potentially go to the end. good job.

Elissa:: I hate your voice. you're starting to get annoying again.

GM:: you've been annoying to me since day one. that will never change.

Helen:: your time may have come to an end. Amanda bit ya in the ass faster than you could bite her. I wouldn't be surprised if they sent ya packing this week.

Crea:: since everyone else left that I wanted to win, I guess it comes down to you or Andy. so good luck, you have potential to go far. but you may need to win an HoH here soon again.

Spencer:: you'll probs go next week or the week after. I don't see you going to the end unless you win some competitions.

HoH:: Aaryn
nominee:: Elissa and Helen
eviction:: I think Helen

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