Monday, September 9, 2013

life lately

I haven't posted much lately. I've been busy. dog sitting, school, work, having a social life, etc.

here's what I've been up to...

first up, I went to the Indians game last Wednesday with Erin. we had a blast. we grabbed a few happy hour margs at my favorite mexican restaurant Zocalo before hand. during the game we made lots of friends with the people around us, it was fun and funny. Erin and I both got towels that they were throwing out, which is a good thing cause Erin ended up spilling some of her drink all over my leg and a little on the guy in front of us. oh, and my boys won!

secondly, Friday night I went to Panini's with Erin, Janel, and Diana where we had a few dranks before meeting up with Tyler and two of his buddies in Downtown Willoughby. it was a good time, but we stayed out pretty late and I had to open Beans the next morning.

which brings me to this past weekend. I opened Beans running on not even 4 hours of sleep. after work I went to a clambake my neighbors had, then Erin came over to make a few cds, then it was over to Randy and Melissa's for some drinking games. Team Lane dominated at the drinking game hockey. and Melis and I figured out I was up for 40 hours. (my record is 41 hours.) overall it was a pretty good weekend, time well spent.

Sunday was spent watching my Browns lose their first game, and checking my fantasy points. here's to another week of school and work- but there is the added bonus of Chicken Nugget Day and the Keith Urban concert. plus, I get to watch little Lo-baby Saturday night.. she's the best.

have a great week, folks!

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