Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fantasy Football, Week 2.

this week in Fantasy Football...

I started Andrew Luck over RG3, solely because RG was going up against Clay Matthews and the rest of Green Bay's defense, whereas Luck was against Miami. turns out RG scored a few more points, oh well.  Marshawn Lynch did amazingly well, and my defense got me major points too.

Andrew Luck:: 19.64
Marques Colston:: 6.30
Rueben Randle:: 1.40
Stevie Johnson:: 17.10
Marshawn Lynch:: 31.50
Reggie Bush:: 6.90
Owen Daniels:: 8.40
Phil Dawson:: 3
New England:: 16

total:: 110.24
my opponent total:: 99.86

week 2:: win, 2-0.

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