Thursday, September 12, 2013

I. Can't.

I've seen a few episodes of Girl Code (which I think is hilarious and spot on) and they do little segments of "I can't" which I thought 'that would be a good blog post.'

fedoras, I can't.

long hair on guys, I can't.

guys wearing scarfs as a fashionable thing (as in, they're not standing outside in a blizzard) (and even then it's not my fav), I can't.

Twilight, I can't.

Miley Cyrus and Lady GaGa, I can't.

when girls dress slutty and then get pissed that guys are checking them out, I can't.

selfies (that aren't in snapchat form), I can't.

duck face, I can't.

the smell of cigarette smoke, I can't.

dirty couches and couch pull out beds, I can't.

cheating, being cheated on, or cheating with, I can't.

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  1. Cassie you know I love u girl but you don't like some Lady Gaga!? :*( she is my wifey, but I am with you on Miley. Can't stand that trashcan.

    Yes. She is trashcan.


  2. Uh, dirty couches. Hate that, don't want to sit on them.

  3. Twilight! Yes! I just do not get it! And fedoras? No thanks!


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