Monday, September 23, 2013

I'm still alive!

I'm here to update whats been going on in my life... sorry for lack of posts, I've just been a tad busy.

there was the Keith Urban concert. it was a good time overall, but kinda a bust as well. Keith wasn't even there, he got stranded in NY and couldn't make it. then it downpoured, we all got soaked. but, that's the worst of it. there was funny things too. like the fact that the guys we parked next to knew my little brother. I made friends with like five people in our surrounding tailgate area. and Gina got super drunk.

then there was Chicken Nugget Day. yes, my family celebrates chicken nugget day. it was the first day Randy had a chicken nugget and a family friend started the tradition. this year we couldn't celebrate on the actual day (September 12) cause Randy was busy and I was at the Keith concert. we did celebrate a few days later. our family friend always supplies the nuggets, this year he bought 120. but we've had 200+ before. and we always joke around that we're "nugget touchers" or "touching nugs"

I've also dog sat Lois twice. she is such a little ball of fun, she cracks me up. and such a smart dog too.

and I watched the Tribe make the wildcard spot (now we just gotta hold onto it). I went to the game with Erin and this guy, we'll call him J for now, and we met up with Tyler and a few of his buddies. it was easily one of the best Indians games I've attended, even if it ended during the 7th inning thanks to a wonderful downpour.. but we still won!

and that's been my experiences lately. this weekend I have the Luke Bryan concert, which I've been excited for since I bought the megaticket. it should be one awesome time!

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  1. Love the picture of Lois, she is so adorable!
    Good to hear from you, I have missed you! :)


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