Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fantasy Football, Week 1.

this week in Fantasy Football...

RGIII (or Grif as I've been calling him) did not do as well as I hoped. he started out crappy and was scaring the hell outta me. (that's when I decided to call him Grif, cause to have a cool nickname you better be damn good, and he was not living up to the RG3.) luckily he came back and got me some points, otherwise I would have lost. Reggie Bush and Owen Daniels exceeded my expectations. next week I'm nervous about starting Grif, I might put in Andrew Luck. we'll see. and I'm trying to get someone else for Floyd, he's just not cutting it for me.

RGIII:: 21.56
Marques Colston:: 12.80
Malcolm Floyd:: 4.70
Stevie Johnson:: 9.90
Marshawn Lynch:: 5.20
Reggie Bush:: 25.10
Owen Daniels:: 18.70
Phil Dawson:: 10
New England:: 5

total:: 112.96
my opponent total:: 103.62

week 1:: win, 1-0.

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