Friday, November 1, 2013

Sports Update

it's been a while since I talked about sports on here (besides my weekly fantasy football updates) so here's a quick update...

my teams aren't doing half bad, for Cleveland that is..

the Indians finished their season losing in the wildcard game. would I have liked to make it beyond that, maybe even to the world series? yes. but this is my Tribe we're talking about, at least they made it to the wildcard spot. good job boys! can't wait to see what next year brings.

my Brownies made some very questionable decisions lately (trading Richardson, getting rid of Dawson and Cribbs, thinking about trading Gordon) and I honestly did not think we were going to win a single game as a result but we've won three games. and probably could have had at least one more victory, if not two, if Hoyer hadn't gotten hurt. (sidenote: I hate Brandon Weeden. so much.) 3-5. far from great, but I'll take it. here we go Brownies, here we go! woof woof!!

my Buckeyes are doing tremendous. not that that's surprising, I mean, they're THE Ohio State Buckeyes. of course they're unstoppable. with eight victories already completed, they're on their way to another undefeated season and a bowl game victory (national championship victory? quite possibly). Let's Go Bucks!

unfortunately, the Flyers are not doing so hot. 3-8.. c'mon boys y'all can do better than that! (I don't have much to say here tho because Flyers games are hardly ever aired here in Ohio, so I can't critique any of the players. which bums me out).

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