Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bahama Cruise and the Atlantis Resort

growing up my family was able to go on many vacations, this is one of those trips...

the time we got a free cruise to the Bahamas and left our mark on the Atlantis hotel.

we hit up a few spots in Florida before hoping on the smallest cruise ship ever built. before the cruise we were required to sit through a time-share meeting.. and if we did then the cruise was free, or cheap, or whatever. I think free though. 

anyways, so the time-share meeting, it was supposed to last 90min. going into the meeting we all knew we were not going to buy a time-share. but we wanted the cruise. each group was paired up with a consultant worker person, our guys name was Cosmo. (and he totally looked like a Cosmo.. blonde curly hair, chubby, shorter than average.)

the meeting is just getting started when Cosmo announces that during the meeting the parents//him will leave in our van to tour around the area. my dad was not happy about that, and no one ever mentioned anything about having to drive around with the consultant. strike one.

shortly after, Cosmo says, "oh, and I've never finished one of these within the 90min time slot" that's when my dad starting getting angry, and to which he set 90min on his watch and declared that we were only staying for the 90min that we were told and then we'd be on our way. this upset Cos, his response? "sir, every time you look at your watch I'm going to start over." strike two.

my dad really started getting angry then. they went back and fourth a bit just getting more and more upset. my dad then went and found a small asain man who was in charge. (when I say small asian man, I mean like my height and probably skinnier than me, I'm 5'2) so anyways, my dad expressed his opinions loudly and they decided it'd just be best if we left. still getting the free cruise. they just wanted us out of there. we were at the meeting for about 20min or so. not very long, and definitely not the full 90min.

okay, now on to part two. when we visited the Atlantis hotel.

how pretty is that place?
anyways, so we decided to walk down the beach to the Atlantis hotel. it didn't look very far away, but it was actually probably a mile or so. which isn't that bad, but when you have 8 kids between 15ish and 5ish, a mile on a hot day in sand seems more like 10 miles.

we finally make it to Atlantis, hot and tired. we immediately go inside to get out of the sun and happened upon the casino area. my dad gave me a quarter and told me to play it on a slot machine (I'm like 13ish). that's when security came over and told us I can't gamble and asked us to leave the casino area.

but that didn't stop us.

instead of leaving we made our way to the pool area. in order to have access to the pool you had to be a guest at the hotel, and wear a wristband they provide for you. we were not guests so we didn't have wristbands. our parents said "just keep your hands under water and they won't be able to tell." so that's what we did. we went swimming in a pool we weren't supposed to be in, after gambling illegally.

the Malone's and my family still reminisce on the Cosmo story, because it was just too damn funny. such a great vacation!

if you've read about my families trip to Nashville and Kings Island you know that we basically do whatever we want whenever we want. so this shouldn't surprise you.

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  1. I actually hated Atlantis, and all of Nassau! We also did things for free at Atlantis. What they charge, forget it.

  2. Hahaha I love your family. I disagree with Steph though, I loved Atlantis both times I've been there. And the rest of Nassau and their suuuuper cheap diamond and gemstone jewelry. It's awesome.

  3. Your family is so hilarious! Love your stories!


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