Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fantasy Football, Week 11.

this week in Fantasy Football...

RG came through for me finally. Gordon and Lynch also did very well. but Bush didn't give me close to what he typically brings. and JReed left the game with a concussion, which is not good. he's been a solid TE for me. I also decided to see if any other kickers score more than Phil Dawson, I came upon Folk whom seemed like a safe bet. but he got me 8 less points than my boy Dawson. I'm so mad at myself for doubting Dawson, I know he's the best and I should have never benched him.

I'm worried about next week tho. Lynch has a bye, so does my back-up RB. and with JReed potentially not playing, my roster isn't going to be top notch. #FantasyFootballProblems

RG3:: 23.96
Josh Gordon:: 18.50
Jarrett Boykin:: 9.10
Riley Cooper:: 3.70
Marshawn Lynch:: 24.30
Reggie Bush:: 3.40
Jordan Reed:: 1.20
Nick Folk:: 2
Pats:: 3

total:: 89.16
opponent total:: 83.06

week 11:: win, 9-2.

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