Monday, November 25, 2013

that really happened... (2)

sometimes you just gotta laugh at the weird scenarios you encounter. (read part one)

:: during Vegas 2012 my mom and I witnessed a guy go into a fountain and grab as many coins as he could then run off. it was bizarre. but I feel bad for the people's wishes that he stole from taking their coins. and I wonder how much money he actually got in the end.
:: there's this guy who goes to every Cleveland Indians home game with a giant drum. he sits in the bleachers and gets the crowd roaring when we need a little pick-me-up. one time he let me bang the drum and then my friends and I took a picture with him. I'm sure he lets a bunch of people bang the drum cause he's super nice, but I like to act like it was a privilege given only to me.

:: at a Monsters hockey game once, while the teams were warming up, I went down to the glass and tried becoming friends with a few of the players. well, one player, Matt Tassone (who actually doesn't play for them anymore.. boo.) gave me a puck! and we got on the jumbotron six times. #score

:: on a family vacation, we went to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky. the five of us were the first people who showed up for the tour. while walking through the caves these two people, who were very intense- equipped with head lights and everything, kept trying to get in front of us. my family being the natural competitors that we are saw this as a competition. we made sure that they did not get in front of us, creating body walls and strategically standing certain ways and in certain areas. it was one of the funniest times ever.
:: at work I once cut my finger while opening a mayonnaise container. has that ever happened to anyone else? who the heck cuts themselves on the seal of a container?
:: I was born on November 28, at 8:08am. my cousin's wife had a baby girl whom was also born on November 28, at 8:08am 23yrs later. I kid you not. how does that happen?

what weird experiences have you had??


  1. hahaha picturing your family body blocking those people is just hilarious. I love it!

  2. That is so wild about the birthdays and times!

    It's not as weird as a mayonnaise container, but I once cut my finger at work on a paper cutter. You know, the kind with the lever that you slam down to cut the paper? Fortunately the blade was kind of dull so I didn't totally cut off my finger but I still needed stitches.

  3. That is so awesome about your birthdays!
    Your family is so hilarious!


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