Wednesday, November 13, 2013

things my family says (1)

phrases that have been spoken by my family members, that I found hilarious... enjoy.

"I was in World War Nam" - Dad

"Brad, I know what my Christmas costume is" - Brian (Halloween?)

*power goes out* "is this the terrorists?" - Mom

"I just like to dance" - Mom

me: "what do we have light in the fridge?"  Brian: "Miller"

Dad: "what's shit-take"  me: "it's shiitake, as in, shiitake mushrooms"

Mom: "what's the song they play before sporting events?"  Brian: "we are the champions"  me: "it's the National Anthem"

"what are all these odors I'm smelling" - Dad (it was perfume)

me: "it's no shave November" Mom: "what's that for? testicular?" Brian: "it's for breast cancer"

"I'm blind, but I see deer" - Dad

and a few from my co-worker cause they're just too funny not to share...

"do you want this greek yogurt I had in my pocket?" - H

H: "twerk for Brad Paisley" me: "this isn't even Brad" H: "you're not even Brad!"

"if today taught me anything, it's that I haven't had whiskey in way too long" - H


  1. LOL! I won't lie, these totally made me crack up! My mom loves to dance too, and does!

  2. Haha I love your family so much! Shit Take mushrooms. Love.

  3. Your family is hilarious! Thanks for sharing! :)


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